Top 5 Car Wash Tips for a Spotless Shine

You don’t just wash a car to keep it clean. Done correctly, and regularly, washing your car can protect its finish and shine. You also make sure there’s minimum corrosion.

But one misstep and your car will be left with unwanted, unsightly scratches, stripped wax and annoying water spots.

So how are you supposed to wash the car correctly?

Follow these top five tips and thank us later.

Car Soap

This sounds like a simple tip but buy and use car-specific soaps only.

It may be tempting to clean your car with dish detergent, and it may even be quite helpful in removing grease from plates, but it’s still terrible advice. It’s poison for your car, stripping it off the wax, dulling the paint and damaging the trim.

If you’re aiming to remove wax for a fresh coat, then, and only then, might dish soap be considered.

Ground Contact

There’s no five-second rule here, if you’ve dropped the wash mitt or drying cloth, do not pick it up and continue cleaning.

Even the tiniest particles this cloth must have picked up are disastrous for paint, leaving your car with imperfections and scratches.

Keep backup towels or mitts in stock, use another if one falls.

Double Buckets

Keep two buckets. If you use one, the first time you wash your car clean will have the dirt still in it, and it makes no sense going in there again for the rinsing part.

So use two buckets, one for all the sudsy soap and the other for rinsing your mitt. This will again, be very helpful in avoiding scratches from dirt.

The Sun

If you love a sunny day to clean, don’t. It’s detrimental to clean your car under a blazing sun.

The sun will cause rapid drying which will leave water spots and marks on your paint and glass. So wash in the shade, or when at least when the sun’s not too harsh (it’s also good for your skin in the long run).

Say you can’t avoid it, in that case, keep the car wet throughout the process. This doesn’t mean you force a jet spray each time, a gentle rinse is good enough.

Microfiber Cloth

If you think your regular household towels will suffice here, you’re mistaken. They aren’t cut out for drying your car. They are too abrasive for this process and your car’s finish.

Instead, opt for microfiber cloth or towels. They’re soft, super absorbent and perfect for this job!

So it takes more than just soap and water to clean your car. You should also have the right techniques and tools for it. Follow these tips and your car will maintain its value and lustre over time.


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